Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Moment Of Silliness

I had a choice today of writing about two different things. One serious and one silly.

I went with the silliness. Of course.

As it was so stiflingly hot today we spent alot of time inside the house. Especially in my office, where the a/c worked good and I had a fan going. It was almost chilly in there.

Tilt and I were sitting on opposite sides of my desk and he was drinking from a plastic water bottle. He'd actually made pink lemonade in a blue bottle which turned it a sort of puce or lilac color. I remarked as how it made him appear a tad less than manly, but he took no notice of my remarks, as usual.

He'd laid the cap for his bottle down on the desk. I thought I would flip it over and spin it across the desk into his lap. As I was the captain of the Harvard cap spinning team of '06, I figured this would be no problem. I was, after all, a consummate professional.

Perhaps I misjudged the humidity. Or neglected to take into account that there was a microwave in the room. Or the sun was in my eyes or something. At any rate, the cap flew in quite the opposite direction I had intended it and ended up all the way across the room, completely out of our reach from where we were sitting.

He demanded I go pick it up. I declared that I would do no such thing. Even if I stretched I couldn't have reached it from my chair.

It was a puzzling conundrum.

We decided on two different courses of action.

Tilt got on the radio and asked Miz Slim to come to the office while I got on the phone to my zone Lieutenant and asked if he had any procedural advice in this matter.

Once I explained the problem to my Lieutenant, he said it probably wasn't dire enough to alert the E-squad, but if we couldn't find a solution soon maybe we should call a yard officer down to assist in the recovery effort.

About the time I finished my conversation with the Lt, Miz Slim showed up and Tilt explained our dilemma to her.

She stood there and looked at us both like we were nuts, then said "Oh my gawd! I'll get it for goodness sakes!" And she picked up the cap and handed it back to Tilt.

And with a final "You two guys are crazy!" she went back to her wing.

Women. They just don't get it sometimes.

So Sunday is going to be Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day and Build A Scarecrow Day as well as Canada Day (Yay!, eh?), Roswell UFO Day and International Chicken Wing Day.

How about chicken wing flavored ice cream?



  1. Wot? am still attempting to defrost the chicken thighs. hints please. Curry? Mexican chilli?

  2. I don't want to brag, but I was on the paper clip football team at Yale.

    1. Bryan- I though you went to Oxford!

      Well they say you can always tell a Yale man.

      You just can't tell them much!