Monday, July 16, 2012


It was kind of a funny moment. Things were kind of dull around the house. All of the knuckleheads were behaving themselves for a change.

I'm heading downstairs to smoke and walk around some when this skinny little kid comes out of E-wing carrying a bag of trash bigger than he is and probably outweighing him by at least ten pounds.

Our trash carts are on the first floor in the center of the atrium and there is an opening in between the stairways so they usually just drop the bags down one floor into the carts.

The kid wrestles the bag of trash up onto the railing. He looks at me and says "This will probably make alot of noise. It's pretty heavy." I just shrugged. I envisioned him missing the cart and scattering trash all over the atrium.

So he drops the bag into the empty cart. Makes a big bang, as the cart was empty.

Then as we watch, the cart starts rolling backwards from the impact. The kid says "Hey!" and the cart rolls down the three steps and flips over upside down, dumping the trash out onto the floor.

I said "That didn't work out like you planned, did it?" He looks down in dismay and starts walking down the stairs going "Aw, maaaannnn....."

While he's down there righting the cart and scooping it all back inside, Big D calls me from upstairs. He'd watched it all happen on the camera.

"Sarge, does that young man need any assistance down there?"

"Nope" I reply. "I believe he can handle it himself."

I come down and head for the door as he is finishing up and I heard him say "Next time I'll just carry it down the stairs!"

Wow. With thought processes like that I might never see that young man again.

Stranger things have happened.

So Tuesday I will be out on A-yard and it will be National Peach Ice Cream Day, Wrong Way Corrigan Day and Yellow Pig Day.

Hmm... I have never seen a yellow pig. Not sure if I ever want to, either.


  1. First off - how old was the kid? What do you do there - take them in at twelve!? What does a kid have to do to get locked up in your "house" besides making a mess of the garbage?

    And enough with the National Ice Cream Days already...I'm going crazy over here - and Peach no less - man, what are you the torture about National Fried Squid or National Cow's know, the good stuff. *grin - still feeling the effects of forgetting to pick up some olives, making the ice cream talk all the more potent* (second drug of choice, you know)

    Oh, and the "yellow pig" thing...just mix gin, olives, peach ice-cream and a heat wave and I'm pretty sure you'll see a flock of them fly past your kitchen window any day now - they just left my area.

  2. Jenny- I think he was maybe somewhere between 19 and 22. Old enough, but a "kid" to me.

    And I don't make the list, dear. I just report it.

    Is there an olive crisis going on in Canada we haven't heard about? (grin)