Saturday, June 30, 2012

An Old Spanish Custom

Rumor has it that the siesta was first accepted as a custom in Spain hundreds of years ago. Every afternoon everything would come to a halt in the heat of the day and everybody would catch a quick nap. Because, from what I've heard, summers in Spain can be brutal.

And who wants to work when it's so freaking hot?

Better off catching a nap and recharging your batteries rather than working yourself to death in the heat of the day.

The whole camp felt like that this afternoon.

Not exactly sure what the high was today. Somewhere around 104, I think. An announcement was made: No running, no weight lifting, no basketball or handball or baseball. They were trying to keep the number of heat related injuries to a minimum.

I applauded that decision.

Even if it meant that the inmates were bored, at least none of them were getting sick and falling out running the track or on the basketball court.

Mostly they were sitting in the shade talking. A few of them seemed to be asleep under the trees.

It was almost..... bucolic. I think that's the right word. Calm and peaceful and kind of boring.

Even the knuckleheads down in the Hive were laying down and behaving themselves. It was just too hot to act the fool, it seems.

Gotta be one good thing about it being so dang hot, I guess.

Saturday is going to be Meteor Day, and..... I screwed up and listed the days wrong on my last post. Ah well. We'll just stick with meteor Day and call it good, shall we?

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