Monday, July 2, 2012

Not Really In The Mood

Not really in the mood to post anything substantial tonight.

Not even in the mood to find a picture.

Nobody reads this thing on Sundays anyway.

Monday is going to be Visitation Of The Virgin Mary Day. I hope she calls first. The house is a mess. It's also going to be National Anisette Day.

I hope she likes licorice... Or Nyquil...


  1. Excuse me...I read this on a Sunday...nothing good on the boob tube, no particular page turner calling my I was expecting to find something to accompany my Gin and three olives...well, I guess I was wrong...

    And you had better hope she likes licorice that's all I can say...that'll teach for not being "in the mood"... *all said with a saucy grin and my second gin*

    Hope tomorrow is "substantially" better.

    1. Jenny- I have been thoroughly chastised.

      Hey, at least I haven't driven you to three gins and one olive! (grin)

  2. I don't know of anyone that doesn't love Nyquil.

    1. Amy- I love the way it dulls the aches and symptoms. Hate the way it makes me barf.