Monday, July 23, 2012

Mad At Blogger

I am so mad at Blogger right now I could spit.

Just spent twenty minutes writing a post. The whole time I'm writing it the autosave is flickering at the bottom, saving..... supposedly saving my work once every minute..

Go to post the sucker and it kicks me out to a 404 page.

And when I go to get my saved page? There's nothing there but the picture and the first sentence!

I was DONE for fracks sake!

And I'm not in the mood to write that all over again. It never works right the second time.

Stupid blogger....

Tuesday is going to be Amelia Earhart Day, Tell An Old Joke Day, Cousins Day and Tequila Day.

I'm so mad right now I could drink some tequila.

And I really hate that stuff.


  1. Man, you must really be mad if tequila's your poison.
    Now I know this is going to sound do I say...typical Canadian (we think we have all the answers) but, I'm going to say it anyway - copy and paste...there, I said it.

    I write all my posts in a word doc (Pages on my Mac) then copy and paste into Blogger (I've had more than my share of Gin for the same reason you're killing yourself with tequila) works, for's not for everyone (that isn't Canadian) but I just had to share! (ps...need some gin, I bought extra on my Alaskan cruise)

    1. Jenny- I guess I'm going to have to start doing that. Blogger has dumped on me more than once.

      Thanks for the tip!

      And I'm actually more of a Scotch fan, myself.

  2. Damn, that sucks! The autosave feature is usually pretty reliable. My condolences.