Thursday, July 26, 2012

Knocked The Off Their Square

So last night I hear a call over the radio "Anyone wishing to work a day off tomorrow, call the Lieutenant."

Heck, I'd been number one on the overtime list for five days running and I knew my luck was running out, so I called.

"Hey, LT! Need any Sergeants?"

"No, but I can work you as a COI, if you don't care."

"I don't care. I just want off the list."

So I get to come in and work 10 house. Up in F-wing, all by myself. Sgt Tiberius had already come in to work the house (since it was his day) and the offenders had all seen him already.

So it really threw them when I came in and settled into the F-wing office.

"Sarge, you just filling in until our regular wing officer gets here?"

"Nope. I'm your wing officer tonight."

"Oh." He scurries back around the corner and I hear whispering. Presently another inmate rounds the corner and knocks at my door.

"So Sarge, who is going to be our wing officer tonight?" Trying to act all innocent and casual about it.

"I told your buddy back there already. Me. I'll be here all night."

"My buddy? Oh! Ha ha. That's funny Sarge. You're a funny guy. Well.... I gotta go.." And back around the corner he goes and more whispering.

I guess they finally got the message that I was staying. And you know what? They were as good as gold for me all night long.

Maybe we should do that more often. I wonder what would happen if I talked a Lieutenant into working F-wing for a night?

They'd poop their little pants.

It looks like Thursday is going to be All Or Nothing Day, One Voice (whatever that means) and National Chili Dog Day.

At least it aint friggin' ice cream again! Woof!


  1. "I'm your wing officer tonight."

    I can totally picture some waitress in a themed bar & grill place telling me that. She'd be dressed like a sexy cop, and the place'd be called "Wing-9-1-1" or something. The wings would come in flavors like "Hot Pursuit" and "Homicide"

    I'm just throwing ideas out there.

  2. Bryan- With the "Extraction Team" sampler plate, you get a free AdSeg Beer to wash it down with!

    We could be rich!