Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A One Sided Conversation

They stuck me down in the wobblehead house tonight for my utility night. The first time I have been in a regular housing unit in quite a long time.

But it was chock full of wobbleheads so we were all well entertained.

I'm doing a wing walk just for something to do and there's this inmate standing at one of the microwaves heating up a Ramen soup or something. And he's wearing this t-shirt that is just little more than tatters.

I said "That shirt is more holes than shirt!"

He said "What?"

"Man, you can wear a shirt like that in a prison! They'll think it's an escape tool!"


"You could throw that up against the fence and just climb through one of the holes!"

"What?" I was quickly tiring of this game. It was like sandblasting a soup cracker.

"Just throw that shirt away and get another one, okay?"

"Oh.... okay."

Bad jokes are entirely wasted among the wobbleheads.

I guess you'll be getting an extra post from me this week as I am working my day off tomorrow. I have been #1 on the overtime list for five days running and I have just been lucky that none of the midnights Sergeants have called in. So I'm working a day off to get back to the bottom of the list again.


Wednesday is going to be Threading The Needle Day, Merry-Go-Round Day and National Hot Fudge Sundae Day.

Jeez! Stop with the ice cream, already! And all of the Canadians I know are demanding I buy them breakfast! Sheesh!


  1. I promise I won't, Rev!

  2. "Chock full of wobbleheads". Sounds like a new kind of snack. We could make a million!

    1. Bryan- I thought that when I wrote the phrase. Unfortunately, we would probably get sued.

  3. Okay, forgive my lack of inner circle connections but how does a prisoner get a shirt with holes in the first place? Aren't they all in prison garb of some sort? And wouldn't laundry sort those ones out?

    I know, I know...I'm outside the circle of trust and will probably need to be shot or something for asking way too many top secret questions...but hey, how does one get a holey shirt in prison?

    1. Jenny- They wear them incessantly and tear them up, mostly. Or they tear them up on purpose to look casual or something. Or wear them until they rot off of their body. Some of them are kind of nasty.

      And you'll always be inner circle, dear. (grin)