Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can He Do That?

Out on the yard this evening. B side. Since Sgt Archer is out on light duty with some broken bits and Sgt Uncle T is on restricted duty with more broken bits, we have all been filling in on the yards when necessary.

Anyway, standing outside B-dining with Lt Wyatt waiting for count to clear.



Checking my watch...

Waiting some more...

Aww..... snap. We knew what was coming next, of course.

"Send all workers back to their houses. Prepare for a Code 23 name and number count."

Man! That is going to delay mainline and everything is going to run late now.......

Just about the time they started rounding up the workers to send them back...

"Raccoon Station to all Raccoon City radio units. Cancel the Code 23. Code 21, Code 21. Count is clear. Resume normal operations."

Lt Wyatt and I just stopped and looked at each other.

I said "Can he do that?"

"He did it. So, I'm guessing so."

"I have never heard that done before. Not once."

"Me neither." he replied. "But, frack it. Let's roll with it."

And we went on with our day, a little unsure of what just happened, but back on schedule nonetheless.

Apparently right after the call to send the workers went out, someone called up and said "Oh snap! I screwed up my count. I've got one guy from here and one from here rather than two from there. I'm sorry." And that would have fixed the problem with count.

So when they called the Captain he said "Cancel the recount" and they did. Normally the rule is once you call a recount you continue it all the way to the end to make sure there isn't an escape. I'd never seen or heard of them cancelling a code 23 before.

He's the shift commander and we are supposed to do what he says, so we did what he said.

But I swear when they called to cancel the recount you could almost hear the whole camp pause and say "Really? Can he do that?"

Apparently, he can.

Saturday is going to be National Nude Day (Oh, lawsy lawsy. I do hope not), Bald In-Bald Out Day, Grange Day and Macaroni Day.

Stick that feather in your hat!


  1. Well yank my doodle its a dandy, poke some macaroni in my stetson me and tickle my nuts with a feather.

    You should show your Wobbleheads the Brit movie re the spaghetti harvesting from trees.
    they would love that.

    1. Vest- They would probably think it's the best movie they ever saw.

  2. Good to see someone at your place can make a common sense decision.

    1. Joe- I think it was his first. We're so proud of him.

  3. I was trying to figure out the relevance of the Hal 9000. I'm guessing it's because he said, "I can't do that."

    I must be slow this week or something, that's twice now you've gone over my head :D

    1. Bryan- I know. It didn't really have much to do with it. The picture just struck me. I'm prone to that sort of nonsense.

  4. National Nekkid Day! Wahooo! I'm all over that, but it might make grocery shopping awkward....

    1. Anon- Last year they banned me from Walmart for that.