Sunday, July 22, 2012


One day this week while I wasn't there, maintenance came into 10 house and put a cage door in front of the nurses office. Apparently someone's idea was that the nurse could go into the office and lock the cage door and hand out medication to the knuckleheads and they wouldn't be able to actually walk into the office.

Well, there's a couple of things wrong with that plan.

One, they never asked the nurses anything about it and they all say they don't want to do it that way for several reasons. And I've heard that the day shift nurse is going to be really pissed off when she sees that cage door.

I know her. She is a scary woman. They'll be lucky if she doesn't rip it off the hinges and throw it down the hallway.

Scary woman.

And two, when they hung the door and welded on the lock mechanism they put it on the outside of the door. So in order to secure it someone would have to do it from the outside. And the same to open it again.

This cage door will only work if you are leaving the room and not entering it. And the door already has a good lock on it so why bother?

We have so many things that are broken that we can't get fixed. Maintenance has no time and no money to fix the things that we really need. But they can spend time and money on things that nobody wants and don't work right anyway.

Welcome to the Department of Freaking Corrections.

Have a seat, pal. You'll be waiting awhile.

Monday morning is going to dawn bright and early as National Vanilla Ice Cream Day (really? Again with the ice cream? WTS?), Hot Enough For Ya Day, Gorgeous Grandma Day and Treat A Canadian To Breakfast Day.

Okay, I made one of those up. I'll leave it up to you to decide which one.


  1. I like the scary day-shift woman already. I'd love to see her rip the door off its hinges and hurl it down the hall. Maybe it'll hit a maintenance guy on route...just thinking out loud...yup, that would be good.

    Not sure which one of those you made up but I'll have my eggs over easy, two strips of bacon, and rye toast with butter (real butter) - I'll pass on the pancakes and syrup...had those a while ago! *grin*


    1. Jenny- She didn't tear it off the hinges but she was plenty mad about it.

      And if I could get there, I'd buy you all the breakfast you want!

  2. Give the keys to an inmate, but make sure they pinky swear first that they will not raid the goodies while no one is onboard. This way you can keep the door implementation green-lighted and maybe give the day nurse somebody to play with on her breaks.

    1. Solution # Nine- That's one of the silliest ideas I have heard in a long time.

      And I'll bet they have at least considered it.

  3. Sounds like things "work" in prison about the same way they "work" in the school system. Any country that calls whatever that stuff Canadian bacon is "bacon," doesn't know anything about breakfast! And, yeah, it's hot enough for me. Try having hot flashes on top of the heat, buddy. Yeah, I'm a raving bitch today. The only bagel place in this whole tri-county area closed.

    1. Lolamouse- Sounds like you are having the same kind of week my wife is.

      I believe the Canadians call it "Ham."

      And our heat index today was 109.