Sunday, July 8, 2012

How Absurd

In the past three years since I've been blogging I've written about alot of crazy things that have happened here in good ol' Raccoon City. Everything from homicidal lunatics playing in their own private excretions to the just plain stupid not playing with anything at all.

There have been good days and bad days and some that were just so boring it was all I could do to stay awake for the entire eight hours. And some others that were so exciting that I never even made it in the door and ran hard all night long.

Some of the things I have been forced to do in my job still make me shake my head in wonder at times. Sometimes I think "I'm not getting paid nearly enough for this." while other times make me think "I get to do this and I get paid?!? Whoo Hoo!!!"

But you should have seen Chuck and I chasing a stupid bird around the A/C room in 25 house with brooms this evening.

It had obviously flown in either last night or this afternoon while maintenance was fixing our air conditioning. Miz Slim kept telling me she heard a bird in the building and we finally tracked it down in the A/C machinery room.

Good sized room. About the size of a single car garage with twelve foot ceilings, just chock full of air conditioning equipment and pipes and conduit running everywhere. It was like some sort of "Super Mario" type maze.

And here's this stupid bird flying back and forth trying to find it's way out. I blocked open the front door and Chuck and I grabbed brooms and tried for over half an hour to chase it out of the room.

The stupid thing kept flying up into the pipes and when we would get it near the door it would fly to the back of the room and we would have to start all over again, like some really annoying video game. And both of us kept barking our shins and knees and elbows on the pipes and racks of equipment.

Eventually we lost track of it. It either flew out the door when we weren't looking or we finally managed to scare it to death, one or the other. By that time we were both tired and hot and sweaty and ready to give up the chase anyway.

You would think that an air conditioning equipment room would be air conditioned.

But it sure as heck aint.

Anyway, that was my good deed for the day. And as much effort as it took, I may consider it good enough for the rest of the month. I'm pooped!

Sunday (the day that only about nine bazillion easily offended people read my blog) is going to be
Name Your Poison Day, Math 2.0 Day, SCUD (Savor the Comic, Unplug The Drama) Day and National Chocolate With Almonds Day.

Unplug the freaking drama, already!


  1. Damn birds never go the way you want them to, do they?

    1. Bryan- If they would just listen once in awhile!

  2. Today our "sunny" Sunday will be topping out at 26C (a mere 78.8F) and we'll all be moaning and groaning about it's been this way for weeks on end, when in reality the sun just arrived two days ago...geez, gotta love us Canadians - never quite satisfied with our position on the weather grid! *grin*

    I hope the bird did make it out in one piece and hasn't died in some a/c pipe where in a few days it's decaying corpse will filter through the whole system...eau-de-dead-bird. Not sure if that would be such a bad thing given the "playing with excrement" business you have to deal with.

    1. Jenny- I'd be happy up there right now. Of course I'd complain when I was hip deep in snow in the winter, too.

      Think I'm getting old.

  3. See 3 people have read your sunday blog and stopped to comment.