Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Freaking Do Something!!!

Okay, I got my butt handed to me over last nights post.

Even after the comments. Coupe comes up to me first thing and says "I read you on Sundays. I was a little disappointed."

And at least two other people either came up to me or called and said "Hey! I read your blog on Sundays, too!" And then they called me rude names.

Okay... okay... I admit that I surrendered to a bit of ennui. Some mental constipation. A short bout with Gotnuttintowriteaboutitis. And rather than own up to that, I tried to shift the blame elsewhere.

That backfired. Anyway...

When I started with the department nine years ago I first began at another camp up the road. Let's call it "Silent Hill Correctional Center."

Yeah. Creepy, huh?

The place had only been open a few months and at least 75% of the staff there were almost as new as I was. Most of the supervisors there were newly promoted into their positions to go and help open up this new camp.

And very few of them ever brought a single clue with them when they came to work.

In the eight months I was there we never once managed to lock up a troublemaker out of our house, no matter how hard we tried. They would fiddle-fart around and say "Well, I don't know..." and "No, just write a violation. They might lock him up later."

I was quite depressing. And disheartening. They wouldn't let us do our jobs. We had absolutely no support there at all. They cut us off at the knees and showed the offenders that we had no power at all. And that is a dangerous thing.

If my transfer to Raccoon City hadn't come through, I would have quit. The place was making me nervous.

My first day in Raccoon City I'm out on the yard, just trying to get a feel for the place and this little bitty Lieutenant comes swaggering up to me.

You would have had to met him to really get the feel of the guy. I'm not sure how old he was, but he was the very first officer in this state to wear a duty belt to work with his uniform, if that's any indication. They called him "Two Belts Frank." Anyway...

He swaggers up to me and, speaking through his teeth like a miniature version of Clint Eastwood he says "If any of these little snapsuckers gives you any trouble, lock 'em up and we'll deal with the bullsnap later!"

I just grinned at him and said "Yes, sir! I think I can do that!"

And ya know.... It's just that easy to make a decision.

Just.... Do... Something... And if it's wrong we'll deal with the bullsnap later.

So! Tuesday is going to be Stay Out Of The Sun Day and Compliment Your Mirror Day. As I am going to be on the yard, staying out of the sun is going to be problematic. And my mirror hates me with a passion. I'm just saying...

Oops. It;s also going to be National Chocolate Wafer Day and Eat Beans Day.

Downwind, boy!


  1. Good recovery after Sunday's no hitter - and I really like the use of the word "ennui" - I confess I had to look it up.
    Man, you do have quite the vocab - and I'm happy to say I'm not too old (or proud) take advantage of a young whipper-snapper's intellect and add it to my "must use to impress my friends" list. (the trick will be to use it on a non gin drinking day)

    I'm all in for the Chocolate Wafer Day, but will "pass" on the beans...literally.

    1. Jenny- I'm sure everyone will thank you for passing on the beans. And if you want to learn some new words, read Rex Stout's "Nero Wolfe" books. In every single story there was at least one if not six words I had to look up.

  2. um, just responding to the call "Do Something"

    So, this morning woke to find dog curled close under doona in my bed after after several days of sleet and cold. No snow yet, but expecting.

    WOW, sunshine. Wandered the 1K to Andy's at about 10am. We need wood for fireplaces. Took 4WD up the hill. bugga; unregistered vehicles; discover that what used to be 'neglected' bushland and 'State forests' are now littered with "roadworks". Blokes in DAYGLO vests. OOPS.

    Not to worry, know a few of the 'sidetracks'.

    The rest of the day was 'succesful' (apart from having to repair my $AU90.00 Chinese manufactured chainsaw several times.

    Self had a good day.

    1. Davoh- So weird to hear someone talking about sleet and snow. We are having temps in the low 100's right now. Me, I'd rather have sleet and snow!

    2. Ah, Australia is a biggish country. Was born where the temps in our 'summer' were 45C plus. Am learning to 'adapt' to -3C. ... am not dead yet .... heh

    3. O, apologies - Australia converted to "decimal" in 1966 ...