Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once In A Blue Moon

It was an odd night. Not bad, but odd none the less.

Somebody new up in the bubble again and that always makes me nervous. I never trust new people up there.

I had heard one time that in the absence of a Sergeant in the housing unit that the bubble officer was tentatively in charge of the house.

Doesn't that mean that you should put seasoned officers in the bubble position? It stands to reason.

I know everybody has to learn sometime. But wouldn't it be better to learn somewhere besides the Hive?

I'm just saying.

So anyway, we're be-bopping around getting med pass and mainline done so we can get on with our night. I'm running around and kicking out trays and listening, as I always do, with one ear on my radio. Not really listening, but waiting for a certain tone of voice or any call with either a "5" or a "49" in it. Or anybody calling my name. I notice there's an awful lot of radio chatter going on, but nobody sounds too excited so i don't pay much attention.

I get into the office and Sgt LB says "Rev, I don't think you'll be doing any rec tonight."

I stop and say "Well, why the heck not?"

He says "Look out the window and tell me what you don't see out there."

So I look out the window and I can't see anything. I mean anything. I say "Hey! I can't see snap out there! Where are all of our................ perimeter lights?" Uh-oh.

The system went down. They closed the place down for a few hours until they fortunately managed to get it fixed. That was close.

We were already short people because of the holiday and we had to pull people from inside to go outside in more vehicles when the system went down. Thank the gawds the maintenance guys managed to get it back up and running again fairly quickly.

We managed to get a round of rec out after it came back up. Only took out a few and half of them started whining right away about how cold it was. Weenies. The other half complained because our basketball was frozen. What a bunch of crybabies.

And to top it all off, I can't even talk about the top secret thing that was found. I'm sure that nobody will ever own up to it or even admit they knew anything about it. But it is going to cast a pall over all of us down there in the Hive.

Grow a set and fess up!


  1. Top secret thing? I'm intrigued. Does this mean you're all on double-secret probation?

  2. I've been on double secret probation since the day I stepped into the Hive. This dingus they found was so secret I'm sure everybody in the camp knows about it by now.

  3. It nice to see that were not the only ones that have stuff like this happen.

  4. I think I did ok in the bubble that night. I didn't get anybody hurt anyhow. I'm glad to be working down there with you KP LB and the rest.

  5. Purple- You did okay. I still reserve the right to feel nervous when there are new people up there I don't know. Some of them make me want to cry. Or scream. Or both.