Sunday, January 3, 2010

From Here To What?

Ok, this is kind of a dumb thing. But when you spend your time going from one extreme to another like we do, your mind plays dumb tricks on you.

In the Hive we are either balls to the wall busy or bored and looking for something to do.

Today was a perfect example of that. They filled our last available bed right before shift change. While BG and I were out on 2:00 rec to be exact. And if they would have had a major problem somewhere and needed to lock up a bunch of people we would have been in some serious trouble. As it was, they only locked up two more tonight. So we only had to kick two out early.

That was a blessing and a curse.

But something came along to fill our time and occupy our minds.

Some of our food came down on a bread rack. Our bags for the diabetics and the sack meals for the guys on suicide watch. No big deal.

And in the bottom of the bread rack was a note.

It said simply (in bold red letters): "Here To Nose Sat."


I read it again. It was very plain and printed clearly. And it still read "Here to nose sat."

I showed it to everybody in the room. "What the hell does this mean?" I asked.

Nobody knew.

I called Main Production and talked to Officer Footies. He knows everything there is to know about food service.

He didn't have a clue.

He asked the cooks.

They didn't have a clue either.

I told you it was dumb. But it occupied our minds for most of the evening.

Here To Nose Sat.

Anybody out there have a clue?



  1. Are we playing Mad Gab?! (because I suck at that game)

  2. Amy- Chuck suggested that game. He said "It says 'He already knows that.'" As lunatic as it sounds, it was the only explanation that fit. But why would a page from that game end up in our bread rack?

  3. Clearly, the cooks need a little more to do. :-P

  4. Some Top is coming from Main Production Saturday to go to someone in the hole with the yardname "Nose". Time for a little trickery. Stand outside where they can't see you and holler out Nose and see who answers.

  5. Amy- They do have alot of time on their hands down there...

    BA- You might be right. I'll try that.