Monday, December 14, 2009

A Disturbing Person

We did a 2:00pm rec round in C-wing today. We asked everybody in the wing who could go and we only got four of them, so that was all we took. One of them was enough.

We haven't had him down in the Hive for awhile. I refer to him as Dip Set. That seems to be one of his favorite phrases. As a matter of fact, he had that written all over his clothes and when he took his shirt off out on the rec yard, he started writing it on his stomach.

Dip Set is a large man. Six-two or three and about 265 pounds, all of it pretty much solid muscle. He looks alot like Michale Clarke Duncan (see above), the actor who played Kingpin in the Daredevil movie, among other things. Someone told me once that before he went crazy and came to prison he tried out for a few pro football teams. I believe it. Strong as hell and crazy as a bag of leaky doorknobs.

He talks so fast and so constantly that by the time you have absorbed the meaning of one sentence he is several paragraphs past you. You would have to slow him down to be an auctioneer.

Here's a small example of the stuff he was rattling off out on the yard this afternoon:

"You better get some islam in you, bit*h! Take this book and read it and you better have something suave to say every time I ask you! You watch westerns? I'm Little Joe, bit*h! You better believe it! Tupac? Wrapped around the sun, always saying the same old sh*t like Ho ho ho ho ho? I'm not Jesus. He's not the man he says he is."

On and on and on..... there was lots more, but I can't write that fast. Hell, I can't even listen that fast! He did that for the whole hour we were out there. Sometimes softly to himself and sometimes at the top of his lungs at passing cars.

A very crazy and dangerous person. Three of us had to wrestle with him once and it wasn't a whole lot of fun, lemme tell you. It was an experience I hope never to have to repeat.

Fortunately for me, he likes me. When he recognizes me, anyway. It seems there are times when nobody but him inhabits his world. But luckily he is easily sidetracked. When he is on a tear sometimes all it takes is for someone to shout "Dip Set!" or his other favorite "Freestyle, bit*h!" and he's back on this planet and off on another track.

I just hope they get him back on his meds and on track again real soon. He worries me.


  1. Sad that our system sends someone who is so obviously mentally ill to prison where he will get little or no help instead of to an institution where at least he would get some attention.

  2. Anon- True in a sense. But alot of them are too violent to be in an institution. At least here they are trying to keep him level on his meds and we try to keep him from hurting someone else. He's nice enough some of the time, but extremely strong and very dangerous.