Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where Are You From?

Just want to wander off topic here for a few minutes. I hope you don't mind.

Now that I am well into my second year of blogging here and subjecting you poor people to the sometimes nasty things I have in my head, I just want to take a moment and thank you.

And I do thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

I started doing this to clear my head. The eight hours a day I spend at work are so full of chaos and screaming and voices filled with anger and hate and discontent that sometimes I don't wonder why I don't go stark raving mad.

Then I come home and let it all flow out here and I can sleep again. It's okay.

Sometimes it does get to me. And you usually get to hear about it. Often in fine technicolor detail. Sorry about that. I do recommend not reading this on an empty stomach. Or on a full one, either, some days.

That's a little contradictory, isn't it?

It still amazes me when I come home and check my statcounter to see who has been reading my blog. I started keeping a record several months ago, listing at first, just the U.S. states, then not long after that the countries. Since I started keeping track I have had hits from every state in the U.S. and from 67 different countries.

I'm trying to collect them all. (grin)

And I look at the isp's the hits come from too. I get lots of generic hits from Charter and AOL and Time Warner and Embarq and Centurytel, Road Runner, Comcast and the like. But there are also lots of servers from schools, businesses and the military. Several banks (one even in Moscow), the FDA, the USDA, several government offices, at least one newspaper and at least once a naval operations center.

That last one was a bit startling.

The fact that I have any readers at all is still kind of startling. That anyone would take the time out of their day to read the horrible stuff that happens in a prison....... And the rantings of someone who works in one, as well.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks.

That and the fact that pretty much nothing happened today. We all came to work (well, most of us, anyway) and got to go home unscathed. The knuckleheads are still knuckleheads. Just another day in the Hive.

Sleep well.


  1. They're watching youuuuuuuu.....heh...

    Blogging - it's better than talking to yourself. ;-)

  2. I used to be the newspaper, but I changed duties and now I use an air card directly to the internet, bypassing the company servers. So, just to let you know I still come by most every day I'm on the internet.

  3. Amy- I was usually pretty rude when i talked to myself. This way I have to use better language.

    Joe- I wondered who that was. And why the hits went away. I'm glad it was you and you're still here.

    Guy- I brag more but you write better than i do. It's a fiar trade.