Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sick Day Post

Actually, I think I made myself sick. AT first when i got up and realized that my system had crashed I was just mad and started doing a recovery.

Then when the full import of what I had just lost sunk in I started feeling sick to my stomach and after awhile it became real and I was sick. Sick enough that I stayed home from work.

I don't normally do that.

Like I have said many times at work, my last name is not french and it's not pronounced Dumas. I can't believe I went that long without a backup.

I lost everything. Bookmarks, pictures, games, documents. Stories I had written. designs and plans for projects, the whole ball of wax.

Hopefully it has taught me a lesson and I'll start backing up to my external drives now and then, so this won't happen again.


  1. Oh crap...hope you feel better soon.
    We'll have to remind your forgetful self to back up your stuff. :)

  2. Your calendar must have crashed too cuz you forgot yur sisters birthday.

  3. Aw, french fried crap on a stick!

  4. Hee hee hee, what's family for except to point out when you've screwed up.