Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just Say No!

We found drugs. Didn't find any tacos.


Started out a pretty typical day, for the most part. Sgt Banty, the day shift Hive Sarge, had made a few changes in the way things were run and it seemed to be working out good. I hope it stays that way. Don't want there to be any more rumors of animosity going around.

Anyway, I heard the Falcon out on A-yard calling for his cohorts to come to his location. He sounded kind of excited. And when the Falcon gets excited, things get interesting. I stepped outside to see if I could see anything and I saw the three of them heading my way at a pretty good trot. I thought they were coming to the Hive and I was thinking "WTSnap? Where are they going?" Then they turned off to go down towards the library. Stopped a guy on the sidewalk and patted him down. Then they put cuffs on him and took him away. By then Sgt Banty had come out to smoke. He looked up at me and in that slow drawl of his he said "Looks like we're getting a lockup, ya think?" I just grinned.

They bring they guy down and are stripping him out and he reaches into his boxers and hands the officer doing the strip search something wrapped in toilet paper. Turns out to be a syringe with still a little bit of what we suspect might be heroin. He's known to be a user.

I'm glad I wasn't the one who stripped him out. I hate handling evidence.

They decide to lock up a few of his cronies under investigation and while they are packing their property they find another syringe hidden inside a pillow. Don't know if it had anything in it or not.

They also decide to lock up some guy from B-side who is a known associate and while he is being escorted down to the Hive, something falls out of his pant leg. A little round package about the size of my index finger. I hear it was marijuana and cocaine. What an odd combination.

He claims it didn't fall out of his pantleg and he's never seen it before.

Imagine that.

So I imagine we are going to be stuck with these guys for awhile.

Several hours later we start getting property for these guys from their houses. We figured it took so long because they were carefully searching everything for more contraband. We open up the bundles and Big Mess looks down and sees.... a state coat! Why did they send that? He can't have that down here. I open up another one and find OTC meds for one offender in another offenders property. Big Mess finds a big bottle of shower gel. Can't have that. I find a roll-on deodorant in a white plastic bottle. Can't have that.

Who packed this stuff? The papers all say TJ. He knows better than that! TJ used to work the Hive. SO I call the house to give him what fer. Turns out he had Miss Trainwreck working with him down there packing property and by the way, did we happen to find a clip board with property sheets on it in one of those bundles? Miss Trainwreck was in charge of the clipboard and now she can't find it.

I understand now. Sorry TJ! No, we didn't find the clipboard. Good luck, buddy! Just take a deep breath and remind yourself shift will be over soon. Tomorrow she will be someone else's problem.

So the good thing was we managed to get rid of a little bit of the drugs on camp and lock away a few of the kingpins of crime. The bad news is I'm sure we didn't put a dent in the supply.

We do try, tho.


  1. It amazes me that they can get hold of drugs so easily when they're in prison.

  2. But would you have wanted the tacos if they had been found in the typical places they hide their drugs? Ehhhhhh, probably not.

  3. Donna- probably easier than they could get them on the street, sadly.

    Amy- I just say no to tacos, too.

  4. I will never be able to look at tacos the same again.

  5. Hee hee hee! My work here is through...

  6. I'm gonna miss the Falcon. Hope his new nest appreciates him.

  7. Peggy Sue- I'm going to miss him, too. I think it was a mistake letting him go. But he didn't think he was getting a fair shake here. Too bad we couldn't get him off the yard into the Hive!

  8. we are all gonna miss Falcon !!!! You know as well as I do(after workind the hive for a year and a half with you) no matter what the ALWAYS get stuck with the evidence, glad to see you broke the cycle.