Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rumors Of An Axe

I reported a few weeks ago about rumors of staff cuts. The rumors are now flying faster and getting thicker.

Apparently some egghead did a survey or a study or made some wild guesses and came up with a solution to our states financial problem. He pointed at us and said "Cut X number of jobs here and all will be well." And the people in the capital bowed down to his obvious wisdom and showered him with bonus checks for his fine work. They in turn called the warden and told him "Cut X number of jobs!" The warden in turn told the major who in turn told the captains to find this number of positions to be cut from our staff.

Rumor has it that my and BG's slots are up to the chopping block. I'm not sure, but more and more people are coming up to me and saying "I'm sorry to hear about your spot. Where will you go? And where will BG go?"

I don't know if they are cutting personnel or positions. They seem to be under the impression that day shift can do rec as well as anything else that comes up during the day.

Personally, I can't see that happening. Day shift can barely get their own work done most days without leaving a mess for evenings to clean up.

Supposedly there is going to be a big meeting with the big cheeses on the 15th of this month and they are going to decide just what gets cut.

And when a position gets cut, they give whoever just lost their spot 90 days to find another position or they will get "placed" in one at the majors discretion. I glanced at the open bids today and there are maybe five COI spots open right now. If the rumors are true and they cut 20-something positions, that will make about four people for each. Or, the sixteen people with the least amount of seniority will just get screwed.

I'm a little worried, right about now.

And things are heating up inside the prison. We just had two more stabbings the other day and the number of shanks being found is increasing at an alarming rate.

And they want to cut staff?

I say lets plop that egghead "expert" down in the middle of the yard. When he looks around and sees no staff out there to protect him, do you think he'll change his mind?


  1. Good luck bro, it's a scary world right now. I know I worry every day I won't have a job tomorrow.

    Give up the coffin nails and you and the misus can park in our spare room.

  2. Its not just your place. My paper has had the "experts" in more than once in the past few years and all we get when they come is more layoffs and givebacks.

  3. Critter- Thanks for the invite, we might need it. Can't even afford to move right now, tho.

    Joe- Wouldn't it just be cheaper to fire the experts?