Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blue A**ed Cold

Cold cold cold. I think at the moment it is about 19 degrees outside and the wind is gusting about 20 mph. Cold cold cold.

Chucky was out today so they sent me Sausage. He's okay, but he talks my ear off and makes me just a little crazy. But he works and knows what to do almost anywhere and he's a good cat in a pinch. If something were going down I'd like to have him at my back. As long as it didn't involve any stealth, anyway. He clatters like the bell on a runaway mule 24/7.

We didn't get to do any rec yesterday so I figured we had to do some tonight. Started out in A-wing at 1 cell. Got all the way to A-25 and only had two inmates who wanted to go outside. Most of them just said "No", but I got a few "Are you fuc*ing crazy?". We continued on into B-wing and I went as far as B-12 before I stopped.

I got five victims, that was enough. They didn't get it when they said they wanted to go outside and I gave them that evil grin and said "Sucker!" They thought I was kidding.

I wasn't kidding.

As soon as we got the outside door open they started yelling "Holy sh*t! It's cold out here! I want to go back inside!" But it was too late, much too late by then. Got them locked into the cages and I went up to stand behind the door out of the wind and smoke.

They lasted six minutes. They cried to go back in the whole time. When I finished my smoke I decided to relent and take them back in. As I was putting on my gloves, one of them started yelling "Hurry the fu*k up!"

Oops. Wrong.

I looked at my watch and said "We have 54 minutes to go yet."

He immediately said "I'm sorry sir. Can we go in now?"

I guess I'm a softie. besides, I was a bit chilly myself, but I wasn't going to let it show. We came back in and called it a night for rec.

Other than that, it wasn't a bad night, for a change. There was some silliness earlier, but i think I'll save that for another post. Maybe tomorrow.

Stay warm!


  1. 4 degrees here this morning. Yuck.

  2. Miz Donna- Not much warmer here. The weather here just sucks.