Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Banner Day For Rec!

It was just one of those days when everything fell together. And the fact that it was blue cold outside didn't hurt anything either.

We did two days rec in one evening and even stopped early. Did the whole house in three rounds. Just amazing. That hasn't happened in a long time.

It's almost too bad that someone decided that we can only ask them once a day. We could have gotten a good start on the second round as well. Ah, well. I'm pretty sure we will be done or almost done with the second round tomorrow.

This is the time of year when it pays to have the rec job. Sure, you have to stay out on the rec yard for up to an hour at a time in the nasty weather. But when it's nasty very few of them want to go out and when they do, they rarely ever stay the whole hour.

And once in awhile I get to put one of them in their place. Make them lose a little face in front of the homies and it humbles them a little. They will all decide it's too cold and start crying to come in. And almost every time one of them will yell "Hey! Hurry the f*ck up and take us in!" Or something along those lines.

Ooooooo. Bad idea.

I'll stop what I am doing, look at my watch and say "You got forty more minutes." and go sit back down. Then I get to hear some of the others say "Man! Now we're screwed! I told you not to talk to him like that, stupid!"

After a few minutes the one with the mouth will apologize and say please and I'll let them go back inside where it's warm.

I'm a cruel bastard like that. It's a small ego trip.

But we did good today. It almost makes up for the months we have to struggle and work our butts off to get rec done. This is our vacation time. Sort of.

And on the plus side, I managed to recover almost all of the files I lost when my 'puter crashed last week. That was a very good thing.

Sometimes I have good days. This was one of them.

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