Monday, December 7, 2009

I Suspect They're All Insane

I'm giving them all that look. The one that says "Okay, you people are completely batsnit."

We heard some confirmation from the Major today. He came down to visit the Hive and stayed in the office and chatted with Sgt Miz P for almost an hour. The big cheeses up in the capital have decreed that we must cut both positions and personnel.

Yet, when I came in this afternoon there were two more new hires hanging out at the front desk.


If they are cutting personnel, why are they hiring more people?

He said they want to cut three Sergeants. Yet last week we got permission to promote one COI to sergeant to fill an empty slot.

Again, WTF?

Does he just get to be a sergeant for two or three weeks? And what happens afterwords? Does he get demoted or fired?

We had to cut one lieutenant position yet they just transferred another lieutenant from another camp and still a third camp is short one and they won't transfer anyone there or let them promote one.

WT holy F?

Who in gawds name is running this freak show and what the snap have they been smoking?

I guess this is just another example of why I am not management material. I would try to make my decisions make sense and nobody else would understand me.


  1. There are alot of us wondering What the Snap??! The only thing I can tell you is whatever happens, it's going to get worse before it gets better. I would say come over to my house and bid on my open position, but I figure that's gonna get cut. On a brighter note, it would be hilarious to have you and BG in my house!! Oh, the fun we could have!!

  2. Peggy Sue- Save me a spot if you have one. Them treatment boys won't like me one little bit!