Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas The Night Before Christmas

And all through the house
All the critters were stirring......

I'll just stop right there.

That was going to get ugly.

Suffice to say that we got through the night and nobody got hurt. None of us, anyway.

That little prick we hammered last night is still running his mouth behind the door. Imagine that. He's going to be a continuing problem until we can get him transferred to a C-5 camp.

Then he can be someone else's problem. That used to bother me but I'm okay with it now.

I'd never admit it to that little creep, but I'm stiff and sore from that little ruckus yesterday. I do suspect that I'm getting too old to play with the big boys anymore.

But I'm going to keep doing it for as long as I can. Even though I always end up getting banged up, I enjoy it too much to quit now. Even doing the paperwork is amusing, at times.

Well, I am going to settle in for a long winters nap. You do the same.

Have a good christmas. be nice to somebody who deserves it.

I'll see you again sunday.


  1. Is it possible to transfer into a position where you won't get banged up?

  2. "be nice to somebody who deserves it."

    .......but we can be a bitch to somebody who deserves that, too, right?

    (Haaaaa - WV = projoys. Ehhh....)

  3. two words.

    bubble. bath.


    merry christmas doll :)

  4. Guy- I could, but it wouldn't be in the Hive and it would be boring. Boring is much worse than banged up. In my humble opinion, anyway.

    Amy- You know what to do. I have faith in your judgment.

    selkie- Oh, yeah. Thanks, babe.