Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Batting Cleanup

There's something about being on third shift. Since it's considered the last shift of the day, people expect you to clean up the messes that have happened earlier. I don't mind that.

Most of the time.

But the crap that was handed to us today was beyond ridiculous. Bordering on the purposefully malicious.

I'm not going into alot of details here. Partly because I'm still mad about it and I don't want to get into the whole "blogging rage" thing. And partly because it would take too long. Sgt LB had me write up a list of the stuff that was screwed up and the Readers Digest version took me twenty minutes to write.

Let's just suffice to say that I think they managed to eat lunch without hurting themselves. But aside from that, everything else was screwed up.

And the one actual assigned officer that was there running the desk and tracking the numbers was the first one out the door when KP showed up.

I knew the evening was going to be a waste.

Do I expect too much? Am I a jerk for insisting people do their job? Probably.

I am almost hopeful that they will delete my position so I can go somewhere else and make this someone else's problem. But I do like my job when I am able to do it. And I have enough trouble making up for my own stupidity, thank you. I don't need yours.

You know who you are.


  1. I freaking love Blog Rage.

    (whatever that says about me....)

  2. Amy- Even though I started this to vent some of my frustration about working in such an environment, I still try to keep my calm while I am posting. I tend to get incoherent, at times.