Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Rain Gods Hate Me

I got up this morning and looked at the weather. It said "chance of rain- 90%". I gave an evil chuckle and slowly rubbed my withered hands together and said (in my best Montgomery Burns voice) "Excellent".

It looked like it would be a good day for rec.

All morning I kept a watch out the window and it was getting gloomier and gloomier.

Got to work and it wasn't raining yet, so we decided to stay in. Which was good, because it was the usual Tuesday Madness. We hustled hard to get caught back up again. We only got slightly screwed by day shift this time.

So, after everything else was done and it was time to do some rec, I looked outside and it wasn't raining yet. I told Chuck "Let's hold off for a little bit. We'll get these other things done first and then do some rec." About half an hour later Lieutenant Strong came down and his coat was wet.

Yes!!! Now it's time.

Went a round the wing and said "It's raining, do you want to go outside?"

Got alot of refusals and got completely through B-wing.

Went outside and it had stopped raining. Pfui.

Went back inside and it started raining again.

Went back out and it quit. What the snap?

And guess what it started doing just as soon as it was time to go home? Yup.

The rain gods hate me. What did i ever do to them?

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