Monday, August 31, 2009

Time Is Fleeting

When I got a chance yesterday I got on the computer to clean out my mailbox. After being gone so long the stuff was really piled up.

I think I get more "junk" emails at work than I do at home.

But there was one from the Wardens secretary titled "Subpoena". Uh-oh. I opened and it said that I had a subpoena in the Wardens office and I should pick it up at my earliest convenience.

Oh snap! I try to stay clear of the Wardens office at all costs. That place is almost as dangerous as the Majors office. Don't want to spend too much time in there, either.

So I went in a bit early and as luck would have it I spotted the Warden Himself outside chatting with someone. So I snuck around to the side door and nipped up to see his secretary. She gives me this grimace and hands me this paper.

You remember the court case I was going to have to go testify in several months ago that got canceled?

Well, they have rescheduled it.

For sometime in January, 2010. Aint that just a humdinger. Almost two years after the incident and they want me to testify.

I can't even remember what I ate for dinner last night!

No, wait. It was my daughters lasagna. Mmmmmmm....... I remember that. Good stuff.

But I can barely remember why we are going to court. And they are going to want details I'm not sure of. Especially by next year. Harumph. Stupidity.

And as to Chuck...... well, he called out again. Apparently he has this story now about how he went fishing and fell off of a cliff.

Little Tire Man saw him over at the admin building and said he was all banged up. Said he looked like something the cat would have buried.

I guess I'll be nice to him.

But I'm still crabby about it. Especially after I saw the line up they got for us this week. If I was of a suspicious nature, I'd say the Lieutenant on the books is trying to drive me insane.

It's going to be a bad week, I can tell. It would have been better if Chuck was there.

KP, if you aren't coming in, you better let me know now. Cos' I aint going, either!


  1. ohhh, man !!!!! You really know how to make a guy want to come to work. I just hope you cleared out some beds so we have a place for this weeks miscreants.

  2. "Let's Do The Time Warp Again!!!" I LOVE that movie!! Fell in love with a Transvestite for the first time...

  3. I vote you just start making up random shit. LOL

  4. You get to do all the fun stuff, Wa Hoo! go to court.

    Actually I have no desire!

    But it does get you out of the hive for a day, unless you have to go on your off day.

    Any who

    Catch ya later.


  5. KP- you know we can't keep any empty beds! Not with Peggy Sue on the rampage over there!

    Peggy Sue- I'll bet it wasn't the last time , tho. (Grin)

    Amy- Oooh yeah. I know most of the judges in this burg. I'd be in biiig trouble!

    Doc- Yeah, we get all the fun stuff. Get to sit in a overheated courthouse wearing a tie. I'd rather be administering enemas.