Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Freaking Vacancy! Understand?

Wheeeee........ One of those nights yet again. Mother bear!

We started the night out with three beds. Ended up kicking three out to the hill early. I messed up when we got the first batch of lockups and kicked out one too many. I guess I got confused about how many we were getting and how many beds we had. Sarge just shook his head and said "Don't worry about it. I'm sure we'll need that extra bed before the night is over."

He was right. We needed that one and they were bringing down one more as Chuck and I were leaving. But Sarge had KP and Sausage in the house so I wasn't too worried. They know what they are doing.

So it was go-go-go all night. We barely had time to catch our breath. And when we did, we went out and filled our breath with smoke. I know... it's a nasty habit. But we have to go outside to do it so it gives us a valid reason to go outside and shoot the breeze for a few minutes.

And I am pooped! Even though the other guys did most of the running and I did most of the paperwork I'm still tired. The Sarge we had wasn't a regular down in the Hive, and he wasn't quite sure of everything he was doing so I took over most of the paperwork and got the boards and the counts straight. It's tricky and easy to screw up.

Some nights I'd like to do the running myself and let someone else do the paperwork but I'm so paranoid and anal retentive about the counts that I'll always come in and double check anyone elses' work. I hate it when things don't add up.

I just hope the lads get through the rest of the shift without any more lockups.

Just a short post tonight. I am pooped and I'm going nite-nite.

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