Monday, August 3, 2009

A Tiring Day

Ah crap. It was one of those days. Hit the ground running when we walked in and never stopped.

And that rat bastard Chuck called out.

I may be forced to do him grievous bodily injury.

They sent us Grasshopper (remember him? The guy I don't feel safe around?) and Goldie, who hasn't worked down in the Hive in like two years. He's one of those mystery people who I hear on the radio now and then but never see. Goldie kept moving and working when he was told what to do but he didn't really have a clue what was going on for the most part.

It's understandable. He doesn't work the house so he doesn't know.

Grasshopper was just Grasshopper. I think he'd make someone an excellent personal secretary or possibly a valet, but he's pretty much a dead loss down in the Hive.

And one of those two dropped a full laundry bag into the cell of the only inmate we had on suicide watch. Never mind the knucklehead who was handing out the laundry hung it on the wrong door. Who put it in there?

I tried to reach through the chuck hole and pull it out but I couldn't reach. SO I went and grabbed Sarge Miz P. Dude in the cell wouldn't even get up so we just opened the door and grabbed the bag and shut the door real quick.

And, of course, Captain Crane happened to be up in the bubble right at that time watching. And, of course, he wanted to know what we were doing and why we were doing it and when he found out, he wanted paperwork on it. Of course. That's what he does.

Sarge asked Goldie and Grasshopper which one of them put the bag in there. They both denied it, so now they are pulling the wing tapes to find out.

Hoo boy. Glad it wasn't me.

And while all this crap was going on the B-wing exhaust fans were down and maintenance was in the house and shut all the fans down. Hot as jalapeno crackers inside the cells so they were all wound up and miserable.

And nobody on the yard could keep their hands (or other body parts) to themselves so they were locking them up left and right...

And the snappin' Captain in and out of the house all night.....


Chucky, you better show up tomorrow.


  1. Can't keep their hands to themselves.... it's like you live at my house.

  2. Amy- I'll bet your house is alot more fun than mine.