Sunday, August 23, 2009

On Getting Organized

I finally made it to the point where I am ready to build a workbench. Of course, I have to make a trip to the dump and the recycling center before I can do it, but that's just a formality.

Day three of my vacation and I'm already ready to go back to work. I do less manual labor at the prison than I do here.

But it's been worth it, for the most part.

Once I got down to where I could see the floor again and walk through the shop without climbing over things (it's been a long time, believe me) my daughter came out and helped me sort through all the trays and bins and boxes of odd screws and miscellaneous parts that I had piled all over the counters. She's a great one for sorting things. Her help was awesome.

Problem with getting organized is that I always seem to have more stuff (or types of stuff) than I have containers to put them in. So I had to get creative and adjunct things together. There's one bin that's marked "handles and brackets" but it also holds hinges, hasps, knobs and hooks. I discovered that I have more sets of little plastic wheels from somewhere than I thought I did. The screws, nails and fasteners completely outgrew the spot I had them in once I got them all together.

And the actual amount of scrap lumber that I have on hand has reached ridiculous proportions. If I had a way to join them back together again I wouldn't have to buy a scrap of wood to build my workbench.

Hmmm... that go my mind going. I could do it, but it would take a scandalous amount of time and effort. Nah.... I'll just go get a few boards, I think. I know when to stop.

Anyway, I'm sure my vacation will be over well before I'm ready for it to be and I'll have to go back to being rude to inmates again.

Boo hoo.

So for those of you just joining us, hang in there! In six more days I'll go back to talking about prison again. Stay tuned!

P.S. If you zoom in on the picture and look in the right hand side, you'll see me in the mirror! Bonus! (grin)


  1. Rev,

    No offense, but it looks like Rube Goldberg designed your workshop....

  2. Nice job, Davev :) Where is the before picture?

  3. BA- As a matter of fact, he did. Uncle Rube and his old friend Victor Von Frankenstein built the place just for me...

    Tango- I knew I should have taken a before pic! But before I started I wasn't sure if it would get any better. It was a serious mess!

  4. I'm wondering how you could work in that place, and why you didn't turn it into a sauna...

    Looks much better though.
    I'll refer inmates (and administration) to the picture though.
    (ie. photoshop that thing!!)