Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To Run Or Not To Run?

I ran again today. Fight up the hill a couple of houses up. Of course, I didn't get there in time to be of any real use. They usually only last for about thirty seconds or so. But I got close.

And the question came up yet again... as assigned Adseg officers, we are going to have to deal with them one way or another if something breaks loose, so should we respond? We don't have as many people on our shift as days... only four down working the floor. And if two of us run to a fight and get involved, it will only leave two in the house.

We have what I refer to as a limited response area. The area that we could respond to if something broke out. It runs from the library up to the dining hall and includes the two houses right up the hill from us. Anything past that area, we probably are not going to be able to get there in time, what with the Hive being down at the bottom of the hill from everything.

And frankly, I can't run very far. Not at any speed, anyway. And certainly not uphill.

Some people have said that we are not to respond. Because, as I said, we are going to have to deal with at least one if not two or more inmates when trouble is called. They want us to stay in the house to be ready to deal with them.

But if they call a 10-5 (Officer needs help) I'm going to run before I even think about it and if you don't want me to go, you are going to have to knock me down. If one of ours needs help and you don't want me running we can take that up later.

F*ck that.

Tonight I heard the call and I was closest to the door. Chuck was in the office and KP and Grammy were out doing med pass. I said "I got it!" and trucked out the door. Chuck started to follow and realized someone needed to stay and do the paperwork and get things ready so he turned around and went back into the office. Smart move on his part.

So I think tomorrow we are going to raise the question and see what kind of answers we get.

Should we respond to a fight? How about an escape? How about a stabbing?

How many of us should go? One? Two?

The answers should be interesting. And I'm sure no two of them will be the same.

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