Thursday, August 6, 2009

Help Wanted Inquire Within

Ok, things are gettin out of hand and we really need some help down here. We still have two vacant positions on our crew and we need to get some regular folks down there pronto so we can get them trained.

They gave us one guy straight off of OJT to fill Crom The Destroyers spot on my days off, but it's not enough. We still need to fill those positions with someone smart who is going to be there long enough to learn how we work. Believe me, it's not an easy task following this gang of goofballs around and try to figure out what we are doing.

We have worked as a team for so long that I don't need to look to know where they are. All I have to do is look at my watch and I know where BG is and what he is doing. Chucky is the same way. I know where he is at any given time because he knows what needs to be done and when. KP is right behind. Picking our odd little ways up fast and moving right along. I can always count on him to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

But they keep sending us these new people. Not necessarily new to the camp but new to the Hive. Not the regular cast of players. And these guys don't know our routines and don't know our rhythms and aren't in sych with us. They throw everything off and we keep having to backtrack or wait for them to catch up.

And these last couple of days have really thrown rec into a mess. When that bastard Chuck called out sick (and came in the next day covered with hickeys) it started a chain reaction. Got us behind because we had to nursemaid the two utilities on the floor and make sure they weren't doing anything stupid. And of couse, they did and caused a ruckus.

We got into a real bind on rec because it didn't get done as well as it should have. I actually blame myself for most of that and I'm going to take steps to try and prevent that from happening anymore. I'm surprised BG didn't smack me in the back of the head when he saw what a mess I was leaving him in.

The hive isn't as awful a place to work as most people think. If you like to work, then come on down. We need people. Good people with good tempers who like to work and don't mind the smell too much.

We'll treat you right, I promise.


  1. much does it pay?
    Where do I sign up?
    ....and can I park my home in your back yard?

  2. Yeah, Shoot me some contact info. I need a career change anyway.

  3. Tango and Masorti- if you want to take abuse and live in a jerkwater nowheresville town for a measly $27,000.00 a year, come on down. You'd be much better off in any other state but this one.