Friday, August 28, 2009

Missed The Day

Aargh! Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my blog and I missed it! I got busy and tired and forgot about it completely.

I was gonna wear a funny hat and everything. Pfui.

Now I'll have to think about enough stuff to keep going for another whole year! Waaaah!

Maybe I'll just wear the hat anyway. I'm known for my hats.


  1. Happy 1st Darev!!

    I missed mine too.

  2. Happy Anniversary Darev! I know you won't have any problems coming up with more stuff to write about.

  3. i'm sending a stripper over. with silly string. and balloons.

    happy birthday copper.


  4. Ahh, a Blogiversary. So many never hit this mile stone. Thanks for the daily post. It gives us something to look forward to every day.

  5. Don't forget your frist wife's birthday is next week!

  6. Thanks guys. I couldn't have done it without you. And of course, you get to take part of the blame for this silliness continuing.

  7. Oh my and it is your fault according to my wife! She says that since I met you and worked in the hive, she can not get me off the computer, and it is also your fault that I blog now...

    I say- way to go, you never know what you do and how it influences others. thanks for what you do and your input in my quest.

    Always the best to you my friend. Keep you the good work!


  8. Doc- What can I say? If nothing else, I'm a bad influence. Just don't tell her where I live, k?