Sunday, August 9, 2009

Almost Walked Into A Buzzsaw

Hoo-wee. It was a close call. Bringing this group of knuckleheads back in from rec and they started getting a bit out of hand. Running to other doors and trying to kick things under the doors to their buddies and the like.

BG was yelling at them "Go to your doors!" and I could smell trouble. BG never yells. He was trying to put one offender in his cell and another one tried to run past him to yell at someone down the walk. BG spun him around and directed him back towards his own cell and I thought it was going to be on from there. I had my hands full trying to get the cuffs off the guys I was putting up and wondering if I could manage to get there before that snaphead was thrown over the rail.

Not that he would do that, of course. But it looked like it might happen.

They were pissing him off bad and it was getting worse. Luckily for them Miz Maybe up in the bubble called down to the office and said "You better get into A-wing because something is fixing to happen!" Chuck came trotting in and sized up the situation and started helping seperate the worst of the knuckleheads from BG's vicinity. I took two of them and Chuck took the other one and we got them put away without incident.

The one Chuck was putting up was still running his mouth. "You know I go hard, bro. Mace, all of that stuff. I don't care. I do it all. I go hard." I felt like saying "Do you do concrete, too? Do you want dentures and facial reconstruction? Because you are real close to going hard with the concrete."

BG is one of the biggest people that works on this camp. And one of the nicest until you piss him off. That is just not a healthy thing to do.

But if they were smart in the first place, they wouldn't be residing in the Hive.


  1. I love BG. More than once I've seen him immobilize a screaming, kicking butthead, pinning them to the floor with those huge paws, and his facial expression would be totally serene, like maybe he was thinking of what to have for dinner.

  2. As much as I do enjoy the goings on in the hive, some of these guys, well, an hour a week is still too much to be out....

  3. BA- He got red in the face. never a good sign. This was not a happy BG. This was like Odin on a bad day. Scary. It could have gone bad in so many ways and it didn't. We were lucky.

    Doc R- I heartily agree, my friend. We need one of those concrete yards where they can't see or hear anything outside of the yard when they go out. Less fun for them, much quieter for us.