Tuesday, September 1, 2009

O' Sergeant, Where Art Thou?

Sarge didn't show up again today. So they sent the Colonel down to us for the evening. No, not a real Colonel, that's just what we call him.

And I'm not talking about Sarge Miz P, either. I mean Sarge LB. I call him that because he looks like a Light Bulb with a mustache. When I do that he gives me "the look".

I don't mean to complain.

No, I take that back. I do mean to complain. We are already short people in the Hive. We have two open slots that they won't put up for bid so they just fill them with whatever random yahoo that looks like they need as place to go.

And with Chucky out again that just left me and KP and Miz Maybe as regulars. Fortunately they shifted Little Tire Dude down to us. He's been down there often enough that he's picking up the routine and he's not at all afraid to work. Kind of a squirrel, but he's our kind of squirrel.

Tomorrow Miz Maybe is off on her two days and that will just leave me and KP. Most likely just standing there with our teeth in our mouth looking at the rest of the rented crew and going "What do we do now??"

I'm getting crabby again. I've still got a toothache and it will be another week or so before I can get into the dentist. And I got to hear all kinds of fun dentist stories today. Nice people, my coworkers are.

If I wasn't such a dedicated jerk, I'd call out. I'm going to have some rude things to say to Sarge when I see him next. Guaranteed.

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