Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dead Space

Today was my monday. It usually sets the tone for how the week is going to go. If my monday is odd, then the rest of the week is odd. If it's just biz as usual..... I can live with that.

Went in today and found out we are holding a bed open for a dead man. We have been so full lately that we have been kicking people out five or more days early, yet they want us to keep a bed open for a dead inmate.

He's not actually in that bed, you understand.... I don't think his cellie would put up with that. He's actually in the county morgue. But until the bigwigs up in the capital put their official "okey dokey" stamp on the fact that he is really dead, we can't give up his bed.

So we have to hold a bed for him until sometime tomorrow when the big cheeses straggle in from the golf course to do some work.

Snappy, innit?

I didn't really know the guy. Some little old dude who never gave me any trouble. Had a series of strokes in rapid succession, from what I hear. I don't know nor care what he did to get into prison. I don't want to know. The only things I know about him was that the other inmates referred to him as "peewee" and that I helped strap him to the litter to carry him out of the house when he had his first stroke.

So sometime tomorrow we will get a call from the control center to take his name off the boards and erase him from our outcount sheet. His property will go to the caseworkers and they will take it from there.

And our part of his life will be over with.

And sometime soon, probably tomorrow, there will be some other knucklehead in his spot.

I wonder if he will be superstitious?


  1. Sometimes we live and sometimes we die. Sometimes it is a simple as that.

    Do you play golf?

  2. Hopefully they will keep paying you after you die.

  3. What kind of guy was peewee?

  4. Doc- So true. It;s what happens. And I haven't played actual golf in more years than I can remember.

    Guy- I'm sure the wife wouldn't mind that one bit.

    Ed- Alot of the other inmates seemed to like him. He didn't bother me except for being dead that one time so i don't know much about him.