Thursday, August 20, 2009

On Vacation!

Part of me wants to jump up and down and do a little happy snoopy dance and sing "I'm on vacation.. I'm on vacation..."

The other part of me wants to scream and cry because I just lost another chunk of a tooth and it is killing me.

So I get to spend at least part of my vacation in the dentists office. Joy.

Plus, I have to think up something to write about for the next nine days.

Oh, snap!

It's a good thing that several things happened today so I can create a backlog. But I'm going to cut this short tonight so I can take some heavier drugs and try to get some sleep.

Nite nite!


  1. Damn...sounds like my vacations. I'm either sick or having surgery. It just don't pay for me to take them.

  2. Tango- My vacations usually end up being more work than going to work.

    Amy- Amen, sister!