Monday, August 24, 2009


Finished! Well, almost, anyway. Still a few things to work out but the most part is done.

And the best thing about it was that about 75% of it was made from scrap lumber I already had. I needed a few eight foot 2x4's, some wheels and the piece of 3/4" for the top. But it's done and sturdy as hell. You could probably get five people to flamenco dance on the top of it and it might not even shake. I can probably attribute that to the half a box of deck screws I put into it.

And it rolls! I'm so proud. I can move the dang thing out of the way when I don't want it. But it's so heavy it won't roll around when I don't want it to.

When I was a kid my dad always made things. He was really good at it. He made corners and drawers with dovetailed joints and made stuff that looked good and worked well. I remember he made a sailboat in our garage one time and we took it out and sailed it around. It wasn't a big boat (it wasn't a big garage) but it worked and didn't leak and we had fun with it.

The stuff my dad made was elegant. It was craftsmanship. The stuff I make is sturdy. He built with mitered joints and finish nails that he countersunk and covered with putty so you couldn't even tell they were there. I slap two pieces together and join them for the ages with three inch deck screws. He could probably have made a working clock out of wood. Me, you give me enough lumber and enough deck screws and I could make a battering ram that would take a legion of orcs to operate.

Different styles, I guess. Dad is an engineer. I'm a sign dog.

Anyway, that killed day three of the vacation. I've got a couple more projects in the works, but tomorrow I'm going to discuss a semi-philosophical problem. Maybe it's more of a quantum mechanics problem. I'm not sure what realm it falls in to. It has to do with something that happened at work right before I left.


Stay tuned! (grin)


  1. dude!

    translation: that's awesome.

  2. Very nice!!!, I give you one month before it's covered with stuff you used and didn't put back where it belonged. :)

  3. Wow!! You're putting your vacation time to good use. I do agree with Tango about the covering in stuff you don't use. That's a guy thing!

  4. I think the ash tray needs to be recessed into the table.

  5. cool! i love a good workbench. as a hobby woodworker, the workbench is a key part of any shop. i made mine with left over 4x4 legs and a left over solid core birch door for the top.

  6. g- I thought about that, but all of the 4x4's I had were treated and I hate trying to cut that stuff. So instead I screwed two 2x6's together. And all of my extra doors are hollow.... story of my life, I suppose.