Wednesday, December 29, 2010

There's No Place Like Home!

Well, yeah. Actually there 's places much better.

Much much better.

They sent me back down to the Hive today to work the floor and the place gave me a headache just as soon as I walked in the door.

Noisy, stinky and full of the exact same idiots that were there when I left almost six months ago. Some of them had gotten out and come back and some where exactly where they were when I left.

The Stork was down there pulling some nutty crap about how he was a three star general and how the CIA needed him to get back soon or there was going to be some serious trouble.

I told him to knock off the crap because I knew he wasn't crazy and how it was just a stupid act. And he's not crazy. Not like that. Yes, he has severe emotional problems and the mentality of a ten year old, but he's not crazy.

He tried to bluff his way out of it but he knew that I knew I wasn't buying his present line of B.S. and he toned it down for the rest of the evening.

Schmelvin, on the other hand, was pulling his same old carp and I wasn't buying it either. He wanted to talk to Sarge and said it was too important to tell me. I said "If you can't tell me, then I can't tell the Sarge. That's how it works here." So instead he launched into an hour long screaming tirade about how he could beat up any CO that dared to try opening his door and how he could kick the door off of it's hinges if he really wanted to.

On my way out of the wing I said "Go ahead. Kick that door loose. I'll be down here waiting if you get this far."

He never showed up.

Imagine that.

In a way it was kind of entertaining, but it was mostly just irritating.

I'm so glad I don't work down there regularly anymore. I miss working with LB and BG and Little B, but not bad enough to go back down there full time.

If they want to hang with me, they can come out to the yard.

Tomorrow, according to the national list of such things, is Pepper Pot Day.

I don't know about this one. Sounds like it would burn your lips.

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