Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lost & Found

The other night the page with my list of national holidays disappeared from the web. I don't know if their server crashed or what. It just wasn't there anymore. So I had to go searching for alternate lists.

Today I found one that seemed to be an identical list so I copied and pasted page by page the whole thing into a word file, just in case. And I found another file with some other alternative holidays in it that I will be incorporating into the list. Hopefully it will be a little more comprehensive.

What a pain in the butt.

And while doing my morning browse through the comics and weird news stuff I scrolled through the headlines of the local online newspaper and saw a name I recognized.

There was a wobblehead we had a few years back that was almost legendary for some of his weird antics. One afternoon he stripped naked outside of B-chapel and wandered into the middle of a muslim ceremony taking place there.

That very nearly caused a riot and he very nearly lost his life. I wasn't there that day but I heard it was spectacular.

So it seems the other day this same wobblehead (who had been released from prison a couple of years ago) was in court for a mental health commitment hearing. They were either trying to put him back in the nut hatch or keep him there, they weren't specific. It seems he didn't much care for the way the proceedings were going so he ran from the courthouse, stole a car and drove it into the next county where he was finally apprehended.

According to the newspaper, we will be getting him back for another five years. Oh boy.

And it sounds like he hasn't changed all that much. If he comes back to Raccoon City, he'll be back in the Hive in no time. I don't envy the crew down there that chore. He was a handful.

So according to my new list, today is Take It In The Ear Day (???) as well as Brownie Day and tomorrow is National Pastry Day. Hmm.. do we have a national pastry?


  1. Loopy- It was Sept 19th and I missed it, too! But it's on my list now! We'll hit it next year!