Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Follow The Bouncing Ball

It was my turn to be the bouncing ball tonight. It happens.

I had been scheduled to be on B-yard. So I dressed for the yard. When i get in the Lt says "Go do the mail run, then go to B-yard."

Okey-dokey. I can do that.

For some reason today every time i tried to go through a door today there were two people in the doorway blocking me. And it was always someone who outranked me so I couldn't just knock them down to get through.

Well, I could have...... but, you know.

So I get the mail run done and go back up to get yard keys. I stop by central to pick up my lunch box and the Lt tells me "Go to main production. The Singing Cowboy is sick and has to go home."

Okey-dokey. I go over to main production and he's not there. There are two other officers already there. What the snap?

Just about the time I'm thinking the Lt has made a mistake, he calls me on the radio and says "Go to A-dining. That's where he's at."

Aw... snap. Okay. So I trot over to dining and sure enough, there he is. Trade keys with him and off he goes.

This is my third time in A-dining in seven years. I hope the inmates know what they're doing, because I don't have a clue. Sure enough, between them and the cooks, they kept me from screwing anything up.

Get done there and call the Lt and ask where next. He says "Back to B-yard."

Back up front to get my yard keys once more.

All night long I kept waiting for the call to send me somewhere else, but it never came.

There's a handmade sign up in the yard shack. It says "Driver wanted. B-yard. Sunday thru Thursday." Funny stuff.

On the way out I ask the Lt what my position number is. He gives me a funny look and says "Are you applying for that driver position?"

Yeah, funny stuff.

I'm going to drop a slip on it tomorrow when I get a few minutes.

Wish me luck.

At least tomorrow and Thursday I know where I'll be ahead of time.

Well, cool! Tomorrow is National Brownie Day! A holiday you can really sink your teeth into...


  1. yesterday was "National Leggings Day"


  2. Loopy- I'll add that one to my list! Thanks!

  3. Scary stuff when you have to rely on inmates. lol

  4. Misty- Several of the places I have been since leaving the Hive the inmates knew my job better than I did. Yeah, that is kinda scary.