Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just A Nifty Gadget

I don't know if I've written about this thing before or not. Heck, I've written about so much silly snit over the last two years that I've completely lost track.

But this thing, especially in the winter time, comes in real handy.

If you can't tell, it's a boot dryer.

I'd never seen nor heard of one before until one day when I got a Sportsman's Guide catalog in the mail. And when I read the description I decided that I just had to have one. It was, I believe, only about forty bucks at the time.

You can have heat or no heat. In the summer time, I put my boots on there after work with no heat just to air them out after having my stinky feet in them all day long.

When it's wet I get home and put them on there for twenty minutes or so to get them drying out so they finish drying by morning. And it has extra things so you can put wet gloves, hats, etc on there to dry them out without putting them in the dryer and shrinking them.

And when it's real cold outside (like today), before I get dressed for work I put them on there with the heat for about ten minutes so my boots are toasty warm when I put them on.

Man, that feels nice!

And they say that using one of these things will make your footwear last a lot longer.

I don't know about that. I'm so hard on shoes and boots I only get about a year at best out of a pair.

But I think if you live anywhere that it's hot, or cold, or wet, then you should have one of these things.

But then, that's just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

Hmm.... let me check the list.

It says here that tomorrow is National Lemon Cupcake Day.

I can't recall that I have ever eaten a lemon cupcake in my life. Of course I never had bouillabaisse, either, so I guess I'm batting zero for holidays so far.

I'm still waiting for National Steak And Macaroni & Cheese Day.

It's gotta come up one of these days! I'm waiting!


  1. Cool contraption. Here in SoCal though we don't really have a need for one.

  2. Misty- You might not need it for the cold, but it's good to air them critters out after a hot summer day, too! Phew!