Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sometimes I Feel Guilty

When I came in today I heard lots and lots of radio chatter. Not any of that excited "Oh snap" chatter, just alot of the "Come here... call me... do this... do that...." type of stuff. Lots of it.

Then I heard that they had a couple of crazies down in the Hive. Stupid little Schmelvin tried one of his fake suicide attempts. Another one went off of the deep end. They had to put a movement team on him. And the Stork was playing the "unresponsive" game every chance he got.

And I'll have to admit I giggled a little. Not because they were having trouble, but because it wasn't my responsibility anymore and I was happy about it.

Then I felt guilty about being happy about that.

And the silliness continued on through the night. Nothing major. But a whole pantload of code 16's for "unresponsive" (the stork) and "chest pains" (Schmelvin).

Meanwhile, I drove around in the P-car for two hours and responded to only one zone alarm the whole time.

But I did see a fox out in the field outside the fence. That was cool.

So I still do feel a little guilty that I'm out of the Hive and doing very little work for the same money Sometimes I think I should be back down there helping out.

Then I get one of those twinges in my elbow and say "Naaaaaah....."

It's a young man's game. I'll let them take it.

According to the official list, tomorrow is Roots Day. I have absolutely no idea what that means. Are they talking about the old teevee miniseries or what?

Heck, that was depressing enough the first go 'round. I'm not going there again, thank you.

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