Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut

I really should have. It would have made my day so much nicer if I would have just said nothing.

There's probably a lot of people who say that about me.

Right at the beginning of my shift up in the Comm room, this guy comes up and wants the keys to the combination Evidence/Telephone Equipment room.

It's a restricted key, but he's on the list so it's okay. I give him the keys.

He comes back in a second and says "Hey, by the way. That door was already unlocked. Just wanted you to know."

Oh, crip-crappity, snip-snappity frappin' poop.

I call Sgt Puddle and he says "Oh snap. Call the Lieutenant."

I call the Lieutenant and he says "Oh snap. Call the captain."

I call the Captain (who happens to be Capt. Crane oh joy) and he says "Oh snap. I will need copious paperwork from you in the next five minutes. Write up everything you know in a memo and get it over to me just as fast as you can."

Yeah, right. Right smack in the middle of shift change.

And while I'm trying to deal with the mess of shift change he keeps calling every five minutes wanting updates and asking more questions.

Finally I said "Look. It's busy as hell up here. All I have for you so far is a piece of paper with your name and my name on it. If you want more than that it's going to have to wait. Or you can come up here and juggle keys and radios while I write."

He decided to wait. But not very patiently. Brother D called out sick and they sent me Goings, who was still sick but getting over it. We obviously never danced much together before because we kept getting in each others way. That sucked.

I get impatient and I just wanted to knock him out of my way a few times but he's bigger than me. Plus, he was trying to help. We just need more practice.

I finally get the paperwork done and run it over and deliver it right before the Captain left and everything is fine again.

Got out to do my two hours in the P-car and drive around doing nothing. That was nice and gave me a chance to get my brain clear again.

At one point I pulled up to the front and Miz Odd was out having a smoke. I asked her how her night was going and she said "It's been nice. There's not a single Captain here. Just two decent Lieutenants and one snaphead."

Well, she didn't really say "snaphead", but you get the picture.

But I really just should have kept my pie hole shut. It would have saved me alot of grief in the long run. Maybe someday I'll learn.

But I doubt it.

Wow. Checking the official list here..... tomorrow doesn't look too good.

Festival Of Enormous Changes At The Last Minute and National Bicarbonate Of Soda Day.

Hey, at least they put them both together. If there's many of the first, I'll be needing a bunch of the second!

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