Wednesday, December 8, 2010

That Really Hit The Spot!

I know I already posted today, but I just had to put in a note about something really nice.

I had posted early because I knew it was my night in the Com room and nothing usually happens to me up there.

But something nice did happen. And something stupid right after that, but I'll get to it.

I had swapped out with Brother D and was out for my two hours in the P-car when the Watcher came out front and motioned me over. He told me that Miz Twang (his sweetie) was out running errands and she was stopping by momentarily with a treat for me.

And here she comes tooling into the parking lot and gets out of her car and brings me a 24 oz dark brewed fresh coffee from the gas station down the street.

I stuck my nose down to the little sippy hole in the lid and it was like I had been transported to a brazilian rain forest. Sweet nectar of the gawds!

If I hadn't been buckled into the seat I would have fallen at her feet and purred like a cat.

The usual crew in the control center doesn't drink coffee and I don't have a pot in the com room so I'm used to doing without on my Wednesdays.

They are so nice to me. If they had a cult, I'd join it if she would just bring me coffee like that all the time.

Of course now instead of drowsing and waiting for my two hours to end I'm buzzing like a hummingbird out there in the car. Hyper-alert. If anybody had tried to escape just then I probably would have torn them to shreds with my bare hands without even thinking about the shotgun.

So I'm driving back behind the predator unit where they are building their new halfway house (snort) and I see back in a dark corner a whole bunch of junk piled up against the fence on the inside.

Hey, that's not cool!

I call Sgt Puddle and he comes out to look. It's mostly tarps and some carpet and stuff. But it's piled almost five feet high against the fence. So it turns our twelve foot high fence into a seven foot high fence. And right after we get a look at the pile of stuff I glance over and there. leaning up against their new building, is a twenty foot extension ladder!

Great googly moogly! With that stuff I could have been over both fences in less than ten minutes, tops. What a bunch of idiots!

Sgt Puddle goes to call the guys at the predator unit and the dude laughs and says "Hyuck hyuck! Yeah, I guess I should move that stuff, huh?"

Whoo! I don't care. I have coffee. Let 'em climb over! I'm ready!


So tomorrow is Pastry Day. I think I said that already. More coffee!


  1. Might as well just hung up a sign in the prison, 'ESCAPE HERE' with an arrow pointing. :)

  2. Misty- That was all left by outside contractors who have no real idea of who the inmates there are. But if one of them escaped and attacked someone in their family they would have been crying "Why didn't somebody prevent this from happening?"

  3. Regardless of whether they know the kind of inmates or not, you would think that would just be common sense at a prison.

  4. Misty- What can I say? They always award the jobs to the lowest bidder. And guess what? When i went back out on the Del Norte walk tonight, there was that freaking ladder up against the building again! Go figure!

  5. Well, I guess they are the lowest bidder for a reason. Can't expect them to give you a low cost AND have brains to boot.