Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's No Wonder I Get Sick Alot

I was kind of excited when I came in today. Uncle T is off on vacation for two weeks and today I was scheduled to work with Sgt Miz P and St. Francis on B yard.

I figured it was going to be a fun night.

After all, Miz P and I go way back and I hadn't gotten a chance to work with her once since I left the Hive. I was really looking forward to it.

Come to find out that Miz P is sick with one of the versions of the flu going around. One is all head and chest like the one I had and the other affects the stomach. Often there's alot or ralphing and pooping involved.

I'm glad I didn't have that one. But it sounded like Sgt Miz P was coming down with it. And St Francis was just getting over that particular strain. He was still a bit iffy, but game as heck and ready to rumble if necessary. That's just how he is.

I tried my best to take as much off of both of them as I could and let them rest but neither one is much for just sitting around and resting. And when it comes right down to it there's some things I can't do that a sergeant can.

Cold as hell this evening. The weather geek said it was supposed to be 32 this afternoon but if anybody claimed it got over 20 I'd call them a liar. I believe it was 17 when I left the house at 2:00.

I layered up with long johns and my black turtle neck and my insulated bibs over my uniform and I was still cold. But I warmed up pretty quick when I had to go up 6 house and help count. Following KP around the wings and up and down the stairs had me sweating in no time. When we were done I carried my coat over my arm as I walked back to the shack, heat rising off me like a hot rock in a steam sauna.

Probably not the smartest thing to do, considering the temperature. But I was overly warm. Then I went and sat in a small shack with two sick people.

Aw, heck. It was worth it. I got to spend time with Sgt Miz P. She's my buddy.

So today was Fruitcake Day. Yeah. That's fitting.

Tomorrow is both Card Playing Day and National Chocolate Day. Chocoholics rejoice!

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