Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taking Care Of Things

Had to go to Wally World after work tonight and pick me up a new pair of boots. While I was on A-yard out in the rain last night I discovered that my right boot had a wee hole in it and water was seeping in.

Not a good thing to have this time of year. Plus the soles were just wearing out and when i did the Del Norte walk (as I did tonight and probably will again on thursday) I could feel every single rock I stepped on.

And there are some pretty good sized rocks out there between the fences, let me tell you.

I know I should have rousted my lazy butt out and gotten them this morning, but I'm a real bear in the mornings. Just ask my wife. Or any of those poor suckers who had to work with me on day shift. I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination.

So I went tonight. And luck was with me, as I did find a pair more or less my size in the first store. Last time I went to find my boots I ended up driving about forty miles up the road and tried about ten stores before I found a pair in my size.

I should have an easy night on my feet tomorrow, as it's my day in the com room and p-car so i won't have to walk very much. I can get the new boots broken in before my next night out on the yard.

So aside from taking Goosey's turn at the long walk tonight, we did pretty much nothing. Which was amazingly cool because it was bitter cold outside. I don't know what the mean temperature was, but there was a stiff wind that had some serious teeth to it.

At one point St Francis and I and Sgt Uncle T were all sitting in the shack giving each other a hard time about this and that. And Sgt Uncle T exploded and said "By Gawd, you guys are going to show me some respect!"

So I got out my notebook and a sharpie and I did.

He deserved more than that, but it was the best I could come up with at the time.

And he did ask for it, after all.

Today was Biggest B's last day with the department. They had a little ceremony with cake and gave him a plaque. You'd think after more than 25 years working your tail off for this place you'd get more than that.

We will miss the heck out of him around here.

Tomorrow is both National Pie Day and Eat A Red Apple Day. I figure if you eat an apple pie you'll be covered on both bases. Why not?


  1. I too have boot issues. Fortunately for us the company gives us a $100 voucher for boots when ours wear out. Of course you usually have to chip in between $30 and $50 for a decent pair. Especially when you have size 14 feet. I was lucky the last time I went. On the clearance rack they had a pair that fit me and it was less than the voucher amount. Whoo hoo for me!