Friday, December 3, 2010

Planning An Escape

Well! It finally happened. Not an actual escape, but somebody seriously planning one.

I was startled.

It seems they found a note on an offender down in the wobblehead house with details of his escape plan and the fact that he might be in cahoots with one or two other offenders in a different housing unit.

When they searched his cell they found a rope made out of torn and twisted bed sheets blackened with shoe polish. A pair of Levi's jeans and a note with a phone number on it stating "Call this number when you get out." There were two quarters taped to the note.

Obviously, off to the Hive he went. And they managed to identify at least one of the others implicated and locked him up, too.

So I got to be doubly surprised. One that someone was attempting to escape for the first time in seven years that I have been here and two that we actually caught them beforehand.

So with all that in mind it was an interesting but somewhat uneventful night.

Unless you count the walk that I sent Sgt Uncle T on.

I'd been ailing all day. Think I'm coming down with the flu again. Nasty headaches, chills and sweats. Sore throat. The whole nine yards. Uncle T was letting me stay in the shack in the warm as much as possible.

While we were sitting there I asked "Those gates between the houses. Do we have keys for them? Out into no-mans land?"

He nodded and said "Yeah. I think so. Why?"

I just shrugged and said "No particular reason, really. But I was just thinking. If I was planning an escape, I'd do it right about now. And I'd be right out there, where it's darkest."

He jumped up and looked at where I was pointing and said "I hate you." And started walking that way, all the while saying "I freaking hate you." over his shoulder.

So I stayed in the shack and he walked all the way down to 6 house and through the gate and out behind it, calling the p-car on the radio to tell them he was there so he wouldn't get shot at. And he walked all the way behind 6 and around to 7 and back, then moseyed back up to the shack.

Since I'd made him work so hard, I stirred up a cup of coffee with two sugars just for him and gave it to him when he got back.

He was crabby with me most of the night after that. Well, that and other things.

We found out today that Goosey has bid off the yard and is going to be working in B-dining. Something about having the same days off as his squeeze.

And here I am about a month shy of being able to bid on another job. So somebody else might end up with that spot. And full time spots on the yard are difficult to come by.

I'm going to bid on it even if they tell me no. What else can I do? Maybe, because it's the middle of winter nobody will really want it and I'll get it by default. Who knows? Depends on if I'm on the Majors crap list that week or not.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is National Roof Over Your Head Day. That's always a good thing to have. A sound respectable holiday a man could get his whole family involved in. I like that! I'm Darev2005 and I approve this holiday.


  1. So how far do you think he would have gotten with a sheet ladder and 2 quarters? I don't know about out there be around here you could spend a hell of a long time searchign for an actual workign pay phone that didn't require a credit card to use it.

  2. Anon- Come to think of it, I don't have a clue where you'd find a working pay phone around here. Hopefully their plan wasn't real well thought out.