Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Freaking Pneumonia Weather!

We have steam heat in the prison. And no controls over it.

It's either on or off. No happy medium.

Freeze to death when it's off, and sweat when it's on.

There is no ventilation up in the comm room. It's upstairs with no windows or cross wind or anything. So all the heat rises right to the top.

And our new warden, in his infinite wisdom, has had all of our fans removed.

When an inmate gets out of prison and leaves property behind, like fans and radios that they don't want to take with them, historically, they have gone to the housing units or whoever needs them. Otherwise they would have just sat in a storage building until they rusted away and then on to the dump.

But we could use them and so we did.

Our new warden didn't much care for this practice and had all of the fans and radios removed.

We had one big state issue fan that blew way too hard and was real noisy that we scrounged up to keep some air going in there but they came and took it to try to cool down the telephone exchange room which has been overheating for years.

There are no people in that room, only equipment.

I guess that equipment is worth more to the state than any of us are.

So I get to stay in a 90 degree room one night a week and sweat my butt off then go freeze for two hours out in the p-car.

And if I get sick, they will think I'm slacking just to get an extra day off.

What a wonderful place.

So tomorrow is National Fritters Day! Yee-haw! Hey Maw! Warm up the fryin' kettle!

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