Friday, December 10, 2010

It Started With A Bang

But only ended with a shiver. It was a windy cold night.

It was supposed to be one of the warmest days of the week but that cold wind whipped on down and made it like sub-arctic outside. Brrr!

Tonight was Goosey's last night out on the yard. Sunday he starts in B-dining.

First thing on shift he has to go up to medical and relieve someone from day shift who is sitting with a couple of inmates in the dentists office. I figure no big deal. I can do the inner perimeter check by myself.

Sgt Uncle T and I barely get to the shack when we get a call to come to B-rec ASAP.

Oh well Ho Dee Frickin' Doo Dah Day! I hate those calls.

We get down there and the rec guy is pointing to an inmate walking away. We stop him and I recognize the dude right off the bat. One of the biggest drug mules on the camp. Any time drugs are mentioned on this side, this dudes name gets mentioned.

I can already hear the whole script in my mind even before the rec guy opens his mouth. They saw this guy pass something to another inmate and before they could get in there, the other guy put it in his mouth and swallowed it.

So I get to go strip out the mule and Sarge takes the other guy. I find nothing, but put him in cuffs anyway. Take him up to central. Sarge is already gone with the other one.

I take the mule up to central and pass him off to Captain Rogaine. I say "Here he is. There is nobody on the yard so I'm going outside." And i run back out the door before he can protest.

They end up locking up the mule on suspicion and putting the other guy on dry cell to see if he poops anything out. Fun fun!

Goosey ends up spending more time doing paperwork and escorts and details than he spends on the yard all night long.

If nothing else, it gave him an interesting last night.

Ummm..... Wow. Tomorrow is the Festival For The Souls Of Dead Whales.

Man, who compiled this list?

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