Thursday, March 12, 2009

Under Investigation

No, not me. Ummmmm... not that I know of, anyway. Hell, I could be.

But these are the two words that any offender getting locked up in the adseg unit hates to hear. It means that they won't be getting out any time soon.

Let's say that you have heard through the grapevine that two offenders have had a fight out on the yard. One of them has a black eye and the other one has skinned up knuckles. Since you didn't actually witness them fighting, you can't write them up for fighting and let them do their twenty days in the hole and get it over with. If they won't admit to the fight, they get locked up "Under Investigation" (or UNIV, to use adsegspeak) until you get the matter cleared up.

Simple enough, eh?

And you can keep someone locked up UNIV for 90 days without any kind of justification while you investigate things. Or just because you want to take your time because they pissed you off for not admitting to the fight.

Usually, after about 15 or 20 days one of them will "take his weight" and admit to the fight. Then they will both get a violation and then their time will start running and they have a chance of getting out of the hole.

All well and good. When it goes like that. Sometimes it don't, tho.

Say there's three or four "gang' members out on the yard and they are causing trouble. Threatening people. Trying to strongarm the weaker ones for "protection". Happens all the time. You allow these punks to form into a group of three or more and they think they're invulnerable. One at a time, they're just punks. But if they have their crew at their backs, then they can be ten feet tall.

Anyway, you know they are up to no good and they are starting to annoy people. You can't just write them up for strongarming. You don't have any proof. And there's not really a violation that covers that sort of thing. Threats, maybe. If you can prove it. Most of the time you can't prove anything because the punks won't admit it and the victims won't talk. So what you do is lock them up UNIV for "possible gang activity". They go down to the adseg unit and get put in seperate wings and sit there for 90 days or so. Then you submit a report that says yes, they are in a gang, and you request that they all be transferred to different camps. Reports are filled out and filed and requests for transfer are put in and in another 30 to 90 days they get sent to three different camps so they won't be together anymore.

Then they get to the next camp and join another gang and start all over again. And they get locked up UNIV........ and the next thing you know we have them back again.

Snappy little system we have here.

Keeps the little jagoffs circulating around so everybody can enjoy them.

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  1. I still like my idea about getting a big tree limb and branch chipper like the utility companies use and .........