Saturday, March 28, 2009

Here Comes The Rain Again

I'm sure we're not going to have the problems that the folks up in North Dakota are having with the flooding and all, but it's going to get messy, I'm sure.

When it rains hard it floods into the house. There's one good leak in our foundation over in the corner in B-wing that makes B-7 fill up with water and flood out into the nearby cells. And a leak in the roof over in C-wing that drips down into C-23 and down into C-11, right below it.

I'm sure by now they are kicking on the doors and crying for a mop. Like that's going to help. Failing that, they'll be demanding to be moved. And that isn't going to happen, either.

And when it rains really hard, it runs in underneath the fire doors in all four wings and usually floods out the nearest cells. That's what we get for being at the bottom of the hill.

And the dipsticks will stuff all of their clothes underneath the door trying to keep the water out and then scream when all of their clothes are wet and nasty.

I tell them "You shouldn't have done that, stupid."

For some strange reason, they are not comforted by my concern.

The National Weather Service says we might get thunderstorms and maybe snow tonight.

Don't you just love spring?


  1. I can say only this as I have watched it from above many a times before, tru dat!! BTW I have to commend you on doubling your reader base in a year. Great Job Rev!!! Keep it up and you never know who will end up with this on their desk.

  2. PT- Thanks. It's been a struggle, at times. If it wasn't for the other fine folks here in bloggerland, I'd still be sitting here writing to myself. And I sometimes worry about who is looking at this. Keep waiting to get called on the carpet for someone's feathers being ruffled. Ah, well. Won't be the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last.

  3. I personally don't feel a bit sorry for inmates who have to keep their feet dry, by putting them up on a cot, when here in michigan 1 in 7 families don't even have a cot. (some are law abiding families btw) as to building a prison at the base of a hill, why not at the base of a lahar path?
    loopy being loopy i quess

    >>>>jactize<<<< the art of "jacking"?